Our mission is to share naturally effective, hemp-forward skincare and take harmful ingredients out of your skin routine.

Nectura is a hemp powered skincare brand from Santa Barbara, California. Carefully sourced extractions are combined with powerful botanicals to work together with your body to bring you naturally effective skin solutions. We focus on sourcing high quality, cruelty-free, organic ingredients, and seek plastic-free packaging as much as possible.

our story

Nectura was born in 2020 by Hanna. While working on a California cannabis farm for several years, she learned there was more to this plant than getting high. Struggling with eczema and sensitive skin, she had over-done it with steroid creams and tried just about everything to soothe her irritated skin. As more research became available about the anti-inflammatory and healing properties of hemp and cannabis, she began developing topical solutions to treat her flair ups and dry skin—and they really worked. After receiving positive feedback from friends and family with similar skin conditions, she realized others might be able to reduce their reliance on chemical ingredients and find relief with hemp-powered products, too.